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Why an Interior Designer Should Be Your First New-Build Hire

In any custom home build or design project, there are thousands of decisions that need to be made, along with many different trades involved to achieve the final result. Most homeowners are aware of this once they are scrambling to make big decisions on their new home because the plumber needs to know the exact faucet specification for every bathroom by tomorrow.

There are many times when clients have come to me to help them with their new home build because of the sheer amount of decisions that need to be made, let alone knowing when to bring various trades in. In this blog post, I'm sharing my 3 top reasons as to why it's essential to bring a designer in right away.

Reason #1: An Expert to Answer Your Questions

A designer can answer your big pre-project questions before any formal planning. Having a specialist on your side right from the beginning of any design project will only benefit you through the entire project. Designers can answer any questions you have and explain responses from trades that you may not understand.

Reason #2: A Specialist to Analyze Your Home's Function

Particularly with custom-built homes or new builds, a designer can influence any plans drawn up by a builder or architect before they are finalized. For example, designers look at how to add storage to your kitchen or create a productive home office space. Architects look at the overall look and floor plan of a home, while designers analyze how you will actually live within the home. It's essential to have both a designer and an architect on board with your project to work together to create the perfect home for you.

Reason #3: A Consultant to Connect You with the Right Pros

Designers also have extensive networks or trusted tradespeople that can complete all aspects of a project. Many of them have worked closely with me for many years, and so understand the high quality of work that is required. Due to these trusting relationships, we have personally vetted all tradespeople to get the right people in for each aspect of the project.

The key to a successful project is planning ahead, soyou'reu're ready to get startwe'dwe'd be delighted to help! Reach out today!



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