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How to Increase Your Storage During a Kitchen Renovation


Storage in any home is essential. Many new construction homes don’t have enough integrated storage, and homeowners quickly grow out of their new space.

When planning a kitchen design, storage should be strategically designed around the appliances to be intuitive with cooking methods and food preparation. In terms of the amount of storage, you will always grow out of storage! And the more integrated storage solutions you can use, the better.

1. Maximize Storage by Extending Your Cabinets to the Ceiling

I love to design kitchens because they are integral to any family home. I often recommend taking the cabinets from floor to ceiling to maximize cabinet space. This also helps make the space more modern and contemporary while alluding to taller ceilings.


2. Add Functional Kitchen Storage with Bespoke Built-Ins

If standard cabinets and integrated storage solutions aren't cutting it, custom built-ins could be the perfect solution! Custom built-ins come in almost any size and with various arrangements (cabinets, drawers, or a combination).

My favorite is installing a custom built-in near the central kitchen but away from the primary food preparation areas. A self-serve beverage station allows guests to serve themselves and keep kids occupied while you cook! The extra storage space in the cabinets and drawers also gives you an area to store specialty dishware or linens you don’t use daily.

Another fantastic addition is spice canister storage. You can integrate it into a small drawer beneath a cooktop or add a pull-out rack, making it much easier to see all the spices and herbs.


3. Install an Island to Store Your Essentials

Kitchens are designed with an island to make the space feel open, but they are a fantastic opportunity to integrate extra storage. Not only does a kitchen island provide a large area to prepare food and functional seating, but it's also crucial for adding extra storage space.

Don’t underestimate the storage power of a kitchen island! Use the front (kitchen side), back (accessible under the seating area), and sides!


Bonus Tip: Use drawers, not doors, for lower cabinetry

The most fantastic advice I give my clients is to use drawers rather than doors for the lower cabinets. With low-level cabinets with doors, you may forget about items in the back! With drawers, you may have multiple layers within one section. You can see everything stored within them from above.

The storage solutions shared above are optional but are tried and tested ideas! It's essential to evaluate how you use your kitchen and how you would like to use the space and design a solution based on that. When planning a kitchen renovation, it's important to ensure you have ways of enhancing the kitchen's functionality that can help simplify your life too.

When working with you, I’ll guide you through the entire process from start to finish and provide you with a design and kitchen that works well for you now and in the future.

If you're ready to increase the storage in your kitchen, reach out to us. We can't wait to hear about your project and help you from start to finish.



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