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4 Helpful Tips for Embracing Your Home After the Holiday Decor Comes Down

Taking the Holiday decor down can be a somber affair. For many of us, our homes feel a little emptier without the decorations up, and while the winter weather is in full force, this can intensify the feeling of coldness within our living spaces. The New Year is the perfect time to organize your space for the year ahead and fall back in love with your home! In this blog post, we're going to explore some ideas on how you can design and organize your brain and physical space.

1. Refresh Your Living Space with Deep Cleaning

Removing the holiday decorations, storing them away, and being done may be tempting. But it's the perfect time to start a deep clean! Take a moment to wipe down baseboards (you might be surprised by the accumulated dust), vacuum high-up spaces, thoroughly dust everything, and give surfaces a good wipe. If you are short on time, hiring a cleaner to do a deep clean can be a lifesaver.

By deep cleaning your home after you remove all the holiday decorations, you can start the New Year with a refreshed and clean space!

2. Embrace Honesty in Redecorating Every Room

It can be tempting to put up your typical decorative accessories as soon as you’ve put away the Christmas decorations, but it's a good time to think about whether you still love these pieces. Does your fireplace mantel need something new? Are you tired of the same decorative pillows? Now is the perfect time to think about replacing these items. Ensure that the items on display are ones you genuinely love. I prefer to donate or sell any unwanted items.


3. Incorporate Organization for a More Ordered Living Space

Part of my design philosophy is that our homes should work for us and not the other way around. Do you have organized closets and know where everything is stored? If not, consider decluttering and reorganizing your items. If you have kids, involving them in this process can be fun! Try having a basket or cubby for each family member in the entryway to neatly store coats, jackets, gloves, etc.

If you are new to introducing organized systems into your home, consulting with a professional organizer may be worthwhile to understand how best to approach this.

4. Make Time for Little Moments

Designing a home centered around wellness ensures that you have time to enjoy the little moments life offers! I like to set aside five minutes each evening to gather items from the day and put them away. This makes each morning a joyful experience because everything is tidy. You can develop a similar routine or set aside time each week to do something similar to maintain a neat and clutter-free home.


Want to love your home again in a brand new way? We can help! Let's organize your brain space & physical space for the new year.




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