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3 Ways We Help You Select the Ideal Color Palette for the Lighting in Your Home

Are you looking to refresh your home with some new colors? Choosing the right colors for your home has the power to transform your spaces completely! There are a vast number of paint choices available, which can make many homeowners feel totally overwhelmed. However, understanding how lighting affects colors can help limit the choice so you can decide quickly.


1. Understand Shifting Lights & Colors

Colors have varying hues and undertones that look different based on the lighting in the environment. Have you ever taken a paint sample home from the store to discover it looks totally different? This could be down to the undertones and hidden hues within the color. Additionally, it may appear different within various spaces depending on the amount of natural lighting or the time of day. 

2. Sunlight's Substantial Effect on Colors

Natural sunlight showcases true color, for better or worse. Therefore, it's important to understand that north-facing rooms will make colors appear slightly darker, while south-facing rooms will give colors a soft glow and warmth. You may find it beneficial to choose colors when there is plenty of natural light but not in direct sunlight.

3. Select the Right Light Bulb Color Temperature for Every Room

Light bulbs have different color temperatures, which should be carefully considered for each type of room in the home. Lower light temperatures appear warmer and can, therefore, make our color choices appear darker or with a soft, warm glow. Higher temperatures provide cool tones that are helpful for commercial kitchens and garages. In general, aim for bulbs with a temperature of 2700K-3500K for your home.

4. Test Before You Paint with Stress-Saving Swatches

When choosing paint colors for your home, it's really important to invest in paint samples in the finish you intend to use. If you can, paint swatches directly onto your walls (a small area on each wall of the space is perfect), let them dry completely, and observe the swatches in all lights and times of day before deciding on the final color. This will save you so much time and potentially money and ensure you make the right choice the first time. Read more about How Interior Designers Use Color and Patterns in Their Own Homes here.


5. Your Professional Partner

Over the years, we have worked with many homeowners who have struggled to choose the

perfect colors for their homes. We have taken the stress away and provided them with the best color choices for their spaces based on the room's position and intended use. Are you ready to finally nail down a color palette for your home? Reach out to us today!


If you're ready to enhance your home with an elegant color palette, reach out! We can't wait to hear about your project!




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