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4 Proven Steps for Decluttering and Calming the Chaos in Your Child's Room

Keeping a tidy home with kids may seem like a challenging task. Still, over the years, I have learned that getting your kids involved in tidying and maintaining a neat room can help them form healthy habits. By teaching them the importance of keeping a tidy room, you are giving them the foundations for creating healthy habits. Today, I'm sharing my top 4 steps to creating, organizing, and maintaining a tidy bedroom for your kids!


Step 1: Evaluate the Space

Firstly, it is important to assess the space and evaluate what is already there. Are the current furniture and storage solutions working for you and your child? Do you need additional storage? It's also time to examine whether the furniture arrangement is functional. Look at these aspects of the room from your child's perspective and discuss with them what is and isn't working for them, too. 

Step 2: Sort the Room

This is the overwhelming step—sorting through everything! My top tip is to start with one drawer or shelf and slowly work your way through everything. With each item, decide whether it should be kept, donated, or thrown in the trash. Organize the items you have left into logical categories (clothing, stationary, books, etc.).

Step 3: Establish the Routine

There is magic in routines; it is a great habit to start building with your kids! Before bedtime, make it a routine for them to pick up all their toys from the day and store them back in their storage bins (or wherever they get stored away). You could start small by getting them to pick things up and put them into a storage basket that then gets reorganized. Motivate them with treats, or have fun with them and put some music on! Make routines fun, and you're halfway there. Check out How to Design a Productive & Creative Workspace for Your Kids here

Step 4: Lead by Example

Kids learn by example and by observing others. Make sure you are tidying or organizing things when they are around so they can learn from you. Make tidying and cleaning up seem simple, easy, and quick so your kids will think it's easy for them, too! Even if you do things in stages to reinforce this, they will quickly pick up on the habit and learn from you.


Keeping an organized and tidy home may seem totally unachievable at the moment, but it's important to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and small things each day build up over time. So, implement small steps each day. Feel free to contact us for any extra tips and specialized help!


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