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How to design a Productive & Creative Workspace for Your Kids

As the new school year begins, it's essential to have a good quality homeschool space or area for the kids to complete their homework and studies at home. A dedicated workspace helps separate play time from study time and helps develop a good routine.

In this blog post, I will share tips for a space that offers structure, productivity, and creativity for all the family.

Step 1: Select a Separate Setting

Choosing the right setting for a workspace and learning area in your home helps to teach your kids about boundaries and routines. If their workspace is in their bedroom, they may also associate bedtime and playtime with homework and studies. Choose a spacious workspace away from their bedroom, with light and airy natural lighting if possible. This will ensure enough room for a desk area and storage for supplies.

Step 2: Find the Best Layout

Creating the best flow for your workspace will largely depend on where in the home you can create the workspace. Position the desk in the center of the room, if possible. Alternatively, facing the window can work well too. However, you should be aware of potential distractions from looking outside. Anchor the workspace with an area rug under and around the desk, and have storage strategically placed within close reach.

Step 3: Add Abundant Storage

Storage is vital for any workspace. Whether you work from home or in an office, you know how important an organized working environment is! And it's no different for your kids’ workspace too! Consider using storage cubbies, drawers, or storage bins and label them where necessary so everything has its own “home.” You may also wish to organize the contents of the containers with folders for papers or trays for pens and other stationery items.

Step 4: Determine Daily Systems for Focus

Having a routine in place is key for all of us, some more so than others, but especially for kids. Kids can be easily distracted, and having a routine or system can help to encourage focus and productivity. If you homeschool your kids, create a timetable with breaks, playtime, and a regular lunchtime.

For those going to school and using the workspace for evening homework and general studies, I always recommend creating a healthy routine around the timing of homework and when it should be completed. Encourage your kids to complete their homework as soon as they get home so the information is fresh and won’t hang over their heads the rest of the night. Then you all can enjoy your elegant home theater and entertainment room.

Step 5: Finish as a Family

Last - but not least—get the whole family involved! It's all very well planning how the workspace will be used and thinking about a healthier routine for homework, but the entire family needs to be on board with it too. Start talking about the workspace, what does and doesn't work, what else they need, and when is best for them to complete their homework. Encourage these conversations, and shop for extra supplies and decor items together so they feel a part of the process.

Do you have any questions about designing a helpful, happy workspace? We've got you! Leave us a comment below; we'd love to share our expertise.



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