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Luxury Textiles to Elevate Your Home


Textiles are one of the foundations of interior design and play a huge role in the success of any space. They add both visual and tactile texture to completely diversify a space. 

While you may not want to wallpaper all the walls in your home, adding soft fabrics to furniture, accents, and accessories is essential for any home. In this post, I will share my 4 favorite textiles to enhance and elevate your home...


1. Velvet: Elegant & Cozy 

I love to use velvet in client's projects because it adds an elegant look and that all-important coziness to a space. Velvet is one of the softest fabrics out there, making it ideal for use as furniture upholstery or for decorative accessories like pillows. Many fabric vendors have performance fabric options that include velvet, making these perfect for families with kids or pets.


2. Linen: Classic & Relaxed 

Another classic fabric for use in your home is linen! It's heavily associated with farmhouse-inspired interiors as it has a more relaxed feel. Linen can be used in many ways throughout the home: upholstery, drapery, or pillows! Layer linen pieces with other fabrics to create a sophisticated and cohesive look to a space.


3. Leather: Durability & Warmth 

An underestimated textile to use in your home is leather! It is a super durable fabric that wears extremely well and adds warmth and texture to any space. My favorite way of using leather in a space is through accent pieces. Ottomans and pillows are great for injecting a touch of leather into a space.


4. Wool: Comfort & Softness

Have you considered using wool in your space? Wool adds comfort and softness to any area of the home and can make any space look and feel more high-end. It's the perfect fabric for blankets, pillows, and rugs!

While some of the textiles we have explored here are associated with specific interior design styles, they can actually be used in any style of home and aesthetic. Carefully weaving in different textiles throughout the home helps to create a sophisticated and layered look.

If you're ready to enhance the textiles in your home, reach out to us. We can't wait to hear about your project and help you add that touch of luxury!



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