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3 Questions to Ask to Know if Hiring an Interior Designer is Right for You

Have you ever wondered whether you're ready to hire an interior designer? Or is working with one a worthwhile investment for you? Hiring an interior designer isn't for everyone, and it's really important to consider whether it is the right move for you. Just because your friend has worked with one before doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you. Either way - we like to ensure that the decision is yours and we don't influence you. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if hiring an interior designer is the right choice for you… 

1. Are You Clear on Your Preferences & Can You Express Them Clearly?

While an interior designer can help you to create your dream home or space, you need to know what you want. This doesn't need to be super specific or down to the exact faucet you'd like in your kitchen, but having some goals in place for your home and knowing how you want to live is essential. 

We work with various homeowners, but they typically have one thing in common - they know what they want to achieve. Whether this is in just two years or a much bigger 10-year plan, they know where they want to be regarding their home improvement projects.


2. Are You Prepared to Make Informed Investments & Practice Patience?

Hiring an interior designer is an investment. This applies financially and time-wise, too! It's essential to consider your goals for your home, how long you plan on living there, and decide whether investing in design help from a professional interior designer is worthwhile. Not only this, but it's crucial that you appreciate the creative process isn't an overnight thing, and many vendors have lead times ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. Ask yourself if you are willing to be patient, trust the process, and ultimately see the value in investing wisely. 

3. Are You Comfortable Delegating & Trusting Others with the Details?

Another aspect to consider before hiring an interior designer is whether you want to be hands-on with the project. Alternatively, are you happy to hire a designer and let them get into the details? Depending on your preference, if you prefer to get involved, then a full-service designer possibly isn't for you. Instead, ask them if they offer paid consultations to give you direction.


As we mentioned initially, hiring an interior designer isn't for everyone. And that's why we always chat to potential clients on the phone before meeting them in person. This is to discuss the project and concerns and explain our services. We would like to meet you exactly where you are in the process and provide an idea of which service would best suit your current situation and future goals.


Contact us if you're ready to create a home that ticks all the boxes on your goals. We can't wait to hear about your project.




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