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Design a Timeless and Productive Home Office Space

Do you want a functional and stylish home office? A thoughtfully designed home office will allow you to focus and be comfortable while working. But above all, your home office should help you increase your productivity.

Here are our favorite pieces to elevate your home office style while keeping you productive…

Tiller Desk

I love the Tiller Desk because the timeless finishes contribute to a stylish home office space. The solid reclaimed top brings a rich and organic look, while the brass legs contrast this beautifully to add elegance to the piece. Pair this desk with an upholstered chair and area rug beneath to complete the look! Find yours here.

Irving Desk Chair

An ergonomic desk chair is absolutely crucial to creating a highly functional home office. The Irving desk chair has integrated lumbar support and a durable faux leather finish. If you spend 6+ hours at the desk every day, an ergonomic desk chair will ensure you have enough support when sitting down at the desk— not to mention the prevention of back aches!

With this level of support, most desk chairs can look ugly, but the Irving desk chair is one of the best on the market! Grab yours here.

Sundar Area Rug

Adding an area rug to your home office instantly makes the space more relaxed. This will be especially important if your job is stressful! Decorating your home office with comforting items you love will help ease the pressure. In addition, the abstract design of this rug means that it will work with a variety of different furniture!

You could create a feature wall with the blue tones from the rug to tie everything together in the space. Another reason why I love this Sundar area rug is the texture it provides in a room. The construction of this rug makes it easy to care for and is ideal for high-traffic areas, including a home office. Make it yours here.

Arnoldi Desk Lamp

Another key component of a functional home office is a desk lamp! I love the Arnoldi desk lamp because it is adjustable. No matter what type of work you need to complete, an adjustable desk lamp will help you ensure adequate lighting is available. What makes this piece unique is the brass and marble finishes that give it a timeless yet elegant look. Get yours here.

Slater 4-Tier Etagere

A highly functional home office would only be complete with a bookcase. The Slater 4-Tier Etagere has a beautiful arched detail at the top, giving it a modern and stylish flair. If you need to store paperwork or documents, you can use storage baskets to complete the look! Alternatively, I would use this bookcase to display photo frames, decorative objects, and stationery. Purchase yours here.

The most important part of designing a functional home office is to include furniture that will help you perform well at work. Whether that's through an ergonomic desk chair or having a large desk to spread work out on - this will be personal to you and your career. All of the items shared in this blog post will work really well together to create a well-balanced, elegant, yet highly functional home office!

Ready to design a fresh, fabulous, and yet functional home office? We can help. Reach out to us, and let's chat.



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