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Our 5 Best-Loved Pieces for a Timeless Home Office

Do you want a functional and stylish home office? A thoughtfully designed home office will allow you to focus and be comfortable while working. But above all, your home office should help you increase your productivity.

Here are our favorite pieces to elevate your home office style while keeping you productive…

Tiller Desk

I love the Tiller Desk because the timeless finishes contribute to a stylish home office space. The solid reclaimed top brings a rich and organic look, while the brass legs contrast this beautifully to add elegance to the piece. Pair this desk with an upholstered chair and area rug beneath to complete the look! Find yours here.

Irving Desk Chair

An ergonomic desk chair is absolutely crucial to creating a highly functional home office. The Irving desk chair has integrated lumbar support and a durable faux leather finish. If you spend 6+ hours at the desk every day, an ergonomic desk chair will ensure you have enough support when sitting down at the desk— not to mention the prevention of back aches!

With this level of support, most desk chairs can look ugly, but the Irving desk chair is one of the best on the market!