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How We Creatively Design Spaces for Couples with Different Styles

It is essential to consider both partners' tastes when designing because both people live there, and the spaces should reflect the couple rather than one person. In addition, it is crucial that both are happy with their home to avoid any resentment.

Even if your tastes differ slightly, there are ways to create a design that both parties will like! I often tell couples that there will be an element of compromise, but this will be from both sides to make a design work.

1. We Always Encourage Openness & Honesty

To make any working relationship work, be it with an architect or designer. Each partner must be open and honest about what they like and dislike. I encourage open conversations from the beginning of the design process and often have each partner complete a questionnaire from their own perspectives. This helps me find similarities and differences to design with both preferences in mind.

I will sit on the fence during design meetings with couples who disagree. Of course, the compromise must come from them, but if one person feels strongly, it should be discussed outside the design space.

2. We Expertly Blend Styles

Interior designers have the expertise to blend the styles and preferences of both partners. So if you need help integrating your industrial husband's taste with your sophisticated, luxurious look, a good interior designer can come up with creative solutions to blend these styles. It's all about balancing each taste and designing an intentional and functional space for both parties.

3. Expect Compromise & Flexibility

From the very beginning of the design process, I advise my clients that they will need to compromise. I aim to blend both partners' tastes while ensuring their needs are met with the bigger ticket items. During design meetings and email correspondence, I like to remind clients that compromising is vital to the outcome of their project, and they will need to be flexible with each other to do that.

On the flip side, I make sure each party is happy with big-ticket items and explain which elements are less critical to the design where we can be flexible.

At the end of the day, as interior designers, we want to help our clients create a home they will love for many years. And for couples with different tastes, this does ride on their level of compromise. As a professional, I guide couples through the process and remind them that making design decisions should be fun! After all, a designer's role is to complete the brief and blend each taste perfectly.

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