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How to Effortlessly Identify Your Design Style & Showcase it in Your Home

Our homes are a direct reflection of who we are. After all, the spaces we live in are our sanctuary at the end of a busy day, so it makes sense for them to be an expression of our personalities. Our home is full of our likes, personal taste, and family memories, and there is no right or wrong answer to how it should look! So long as it resonates with you and your family.

Our homes are an evolving project. As we grow and discover more aspects of ourselves, so does our home. So here are 3 steps to identifying your style…

Step 1: Find Visual Inspiration Without Overanalyzing

It's essential to start the process of finding your interior design style by having an open mind. Forget about what you thought you liked or disliked before, and start afresh.

Spend some time searching Google, Instagram, and Pinterest for common styles. Such as modern, traditional, classic, transitional, etc. Search through the results without thinking about why you like a specific space. Just save any images you like.

I love using Pinterest, and I fully encourage my clients to create boards for each room! This helps to keep your "likes" in one place until later.

Step 2: Determine the Common Theme Between the Images

Once you have exhausted all styles across different platforms, you should have a collection of images you like. It's time to go through these and see if you can find a common theme.

A common theme could be anything from a color palette to a drapery style. Is there modern furniture featured in more than 75% of the images? Or are the photos full of wooden accents? Or bronze metal detailing? Have you collected lots of pictures of gray interiors? Or are they full of warm hues?

Don't worry if you get stuck at this point. This is where I come in and help you build your unique interior design style!

Step 3: Start a Mood Board Based on Theme & Style

With the common themes you have identified in Step 2, it's time to collate these into a concept mood board! If you love to collect imagery or keep scrap or photo books, you will love doing this with the inspirational imagery you have gathered.

Create a concept board for each space you have in mind. Use the images you have already saved, or expand on specific details of themes you have picked out from the initial collection.

This stage is part of the interior design process I complete for each project. Gathering a general "look and feel" board for each room is critical to ensure my client and I are on the same page with the overall design. Once the client has approved the board, final furnishing selections can happen.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring! There are millions and millions of interior design photos on Google, Instagram, and Pinterest, waiting for you to explore them.

While this whole process may seem overwhelming - I am here to help! And luckily, this is exactly what I specialize in.

During the project, remember that the result will be precisely what you want, need, and love. You will feel ecstatic!

To help you initiate the process of finding your personal design style, we have created a diagnostic assessment! Did you know that we offer a Design Style Quiz on our website? Take the quiz here to get started.



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