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Design to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

Interior design directly impacts our emotions and habits, and inspires action in our homes. It's so important that the design of our spaces aligns with our personal goals and personality so that it can help us accomplish our goals!

For example, you can use colors to directly influence how you feel. Want to feel cozy? Use warming and deep colors. A similar approach is needed for creating a home that inspires better habits and working towards New Year's goals and resolutions.

Need some ideas? I have several design tips for supporting the most common New Year's resolutions!

1.) Design Decreases Stress & Gives You Back Control

When everything in your home has a place, you will feel more organized and save yourself time in the future. This also leads us to feeling at peace when our home is tidy and well-organized.

Use built-ins to store as much "stuff" away as possible, while keeping framed family photos displayed on shelves (this allows your personality to shine through in the space). I love to use storage baskets because they keep similar items together, they make it easier to categorize items, and they look great while keeping things organized!

If you can, encourage other members of your family to keep things organized, too. This will prevent you from feeling alone in the organizational and tidying process. A good rule to have is, once something has been used, put it away again!

2.) Design Makes Room for Daily Meditation & Mindfulness

A well-designed home can make space for daily meditation and mindfulness practices. This will look different to many people, so it's important to consider what self-love practices you like and how you approach mindfulness.

Do you like to get involved with the kids’ drawing or hobbies? Create an area specifically for this! It could be as simple as repurposing an old table that you won’t worry about getting marks on.

Or, if you're all about self-care this year, why not create a cozy and tranquil corner? Use soft colors to encourage a sense of calm, and add comfortable seating to enjoy journaling or meditation. Grab a warm coffee, light a candle and you're good to go.

3.) Design Propels Your Desire for More Physical Activity

The best physical activity anyone can do is what they love the most. Have a think about what this is for you: is it walking, running, using the Peloton, rowing, Pilates, yoga, or something else?

Once you know this, you can design your home with intention. It could be as simple as setting up a storage basket full of running gear that you can store in your closet or under your bed for quick access. Perhaps you designate a quiet area where your yoga mat can live and can be used easily. Make it easy for yourself to do your favorite physical activity.

Getting Support from Your Spaces

New Year's resolutions are tough - I get it! Life can get in the way, and it's easy to slip back into old habits. But if your home environment is designed with intention and if you can get support from your spaces, you'll find that you're already halfway there. Your home can absolutely help you to reach your goals!

Need help designing a home that supports the way you want to live? That's what we do. Reach out and schedule a complimentary Design Discovery Call - let's chat about your project!



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