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Get the "Barbie-Core" look in your home!

The Barbie movie has officially taken the world by storm. With its heavy marketing campaigns starting earlier this year there has been a shift in the design world! From fashionistas embracing tones of pink, there’s no surprise that this has now transferred over into the interior design industry too.

Are you feeling compelled to embrace your inner child too? Or perhaps a simple shake-up of your home to make it feel more playful? The influence of Barbie's signature style, vibrant energy, and fearless individuality is making its mark on the world of interior design in a trend that's affectionately being dubbed "Barbie-core."

Barbie-core design is a celebration of self-expression, embracing the bold, a dazzling look into the future, all the while being glamorous.

In this blog post, we’ll be putting on Barbie’s high-heeled shoes and exploring the enchanting elements that define Barbie-core design. You will also learn how to incorporate elements of Barbie-core into your home!

So get ready, let’s explore how you can embrace Barbie-core design and add some playfulness into your spaces!

What is Barbie-Core?

Barbie-core refers to the design trend that is a result of the iconic Barbie film that was released in July. It embraces everything that Barbie is and translates into any design industry.

But how does this translate into the interior design industry?

Well, Barbie is minimalism meets maximalism. You won’t see Barbie’s dreamhouse full of clutter, so think paired back spaces with “only what you need”. Then it’s about adding some Barbie flair to the space! And this is where you can get really creative and have fun!

How to Add Barbie-Core Elements to Your Home

If you’re a lover of bright color and bold design choices already, embracing Barbie-core in your home won’t be too dissimilar to what you’re used to. Embrace the hot pink color through your paint color choice, furniture - accent chairs in particular - and finish it off with decorative accessories that are full of vibrancy and playful patterns!

However, for those that prefer a more muted or paired back color palette, you’ll want to use bright colors sparingly. Don’t worry though! You can still embrace everything the Barbie film has to offer by injecting the bright color and bold patterns into your space via decorative accessories only. That way, you can easily change them out in the future!

Barbie Inspired Paint Colors

Are you ready to embrace the bold colors of the Barbie film into your home? Here are my top paint color choices for doing just that! Use these paint colors as an all-over wall paint color, or accent paint color!

This paint color is a vibrant and deep fuschia pink color. With warm undertones this paint color will bring a warmth and inviting feel to any space.

Dragon fruit is a slightly lighter paint color than exuberant pink, yet still features the red undertones that will bring warmth and vitality into a room.

Would you prefer to embrace Ken’s personality? I’ve got you covered! Surfin’ is the perfect paint color that reminisces the Barbie Dreamhouse pool color.

Barbie Inspired Furniture

I have collated my favorite Barbie inspired furniture into a shoppable collection!

In this collection you will find bold and bright furniture pieces, like the iconic Jolene Hot Pink Velvet Accent Chair, so you can fully embrace everything Barbie. Use these wonderful pieces of furniture to create a fun and playful interior that embodies everything the Barbie film stands for.

For those that wish to add subtle tones from the Barbie film, you will find muted pink furniture pieces, like the Isabella Blush Velvet Loveseat or the Angela Blush Bed In Full. These pieces of furniture are ideal for injecting some femininity into your home while being paired back when it comes to color. Supplement these softer tones with bold patterns and color in decorative accessories to finish off the look.

Barbie Inspired Accessories

Don’t fancy committing to bold furniture pieces in your home? You can still add a touch of Barbie into your spaces through decorative accessories! In my Barbie-Core Collection you will find a variety of decorative pieces to suit any space.

Use fun decorative books to style coffee tables, console tables, or nightstands with a touch of bright color. Barbie loves to have fun patterned area rugs so why not embrace pink as a color and use an area rug in your living room or bedroom? The Tayla 9'X13' rug is my personal favorite!

How will you be adding a hint of Barbie to your home? Or do you plan to stick to neutrals? Let us know in the comments below!



Disclaimer: This blog post may include affiliate links that will earn me a small percentage on any purchases at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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