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5 Interior Design Trends We Love in 2023

Interior design trends are similar to fashion industry trends— they come and go with the seasons. And for that reason, I like to caution my clients about interior design trends. While a particular style of sofa or elaborate wallpaper looks fantastic now, it may become dated by the end of the year.

When I speak to my clients about following trends, I always advise them to take inspiration from them and only use what they absolutely love. It's crucial that you love your home now and in five years too. Check out these 5 shifts that are trending in interior design this year…

Warm Neutrals

In 2023 we will see warm neutrals take over even more. Gone are the days of monochrome or gray on gray interiors. Now, we will see more cream, beige, and shades of brown used in homes.

This trend is about bringing a softer and warmer tone to the home to soothe us. It is even more important to follow this now as we prioritize a sense of well-being. Bringing warm tones into our homes is a great trend, and this is likely to go beyond being just a trend! The tones are comforting and versatile, so I think warm neutrals are here to stay.

The Atlantic Pillow Set from Four Hands is a beautiful way to warm up your space.

Raw Materials

It's no secret that dramatic marble is everywhere right now, and this is part of a much larger trend of highlighting the natural qualities of materials. This includes stone, wood, and other raw materials used in an interior design project.

For example, rattan has been taking the interior design world by storm recently, and that is because homeowners eagerly want to inject texture into their spaces. By embracing materials in their raw state, we can do just that.