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Creating a Relaxing & Tranquil Guest Bedroom

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a guest bedroom makes your guest feel at home, comfortable, and relaxed. I'm sure you'd agree that when you go to stay somewhere, you like to feel relaxed and welcomed as soon as you walk in.

And that's the same goal you should have with a guest bedroom in your home! Guests should notice a tranquil color palette, soft furnishings, and a space for them to enjoy while they stay with you. Here are 5 of our best picks for creating a rejuvenating guest space…

1. The Madison Bed

An essential element of any guest bedroom is the bed! So make sure the bed you choose is welcoming and comfortable. I love the Madison Bed because of the design's dramatic lines and angular wings.

While it may seem like a simple bed at first glance, the angular wings elevate the whole piece to make it feel inviting, cozy, and sophisticated. In addition, the neutral upholstery allows you to add colorful decorative pieces like pillows, a rug, etc., to the space. Find yours here.

2. Elevation Nightstand

Aside from the bed, having nightstands with storage enables your guests to make themselves feel at home. I love the light finish of the Elevation Nightstand, as it helps to keep the whole room feeling light and airy. With its three drawers, your guest should feel like they can use the nightstands just like they would at home. Grab yours here.

3. Tanya Area Rug

Add a decorative area rug to ground the guest bedroom furniture and add color and texture to the space. I particularly like the Tanya Area Rug because it brings a light blue color into the mix.

Shades of blue are associated with bringing a tranquil and relaxed feeling, making them ideal for use in a guest bedroom. In addition, using an area rug like this adds an accent color to the design. Make it yours here.

4. Topanga Swivel Chair

I love to add an accent or swivel chair to a guest bedroom design because it provides guests with an area to sit, read, chill out, or enjoy a coffee in the morning. The Topanga Swivel Chair is ideal for this! The comforting upholstery will warmly welcome any guest staying in your home. Get yours here.

5. Sanibel Table Lamp

No guest bedroom is complete without a set of table lamps for the nightstands! I love the Sanibel ceramic table lamp because of its color, texture, and intricate detailing. Bringing color and texture into a room through the lighting is a bonus in design, which is why the Sanibel Table Lamp features here!

It works perfectly with the other items showcased in this article and is perfect for any guest bedroom design with blue colors. Purchase yours here.

Aside from the items shared in this post, it's important to remember that keeping your guest bedroom setup simple and tasteful is the best approach. Use calming colors to ensure the room feels light, airy, cozy, and comforting. Provide your guests with some storage - dressers and nightstands are great for this. Above all, consider whether you would feel relaxed staying in your guest bedroom, and you're halfway there!

Ready to design a guest bedroom that feels warm and welcoming for your friends and family? We can help. Reach out to us, and let's chat.



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