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How to Install Curtains to Make Your Space Look its Best

I see it all the time-- in my clients’ homes and just…all over the place-- window treatments that are hung incorrectly. It can throw off the overall feel of the ENTIRE room, so it is really a big deal. Not to mention, it can make your ceilings look lower, your windows smaller, and it lacks that finished, tailored look.

Meanwhile, the opposite is also true. When hung properly, window treatments can enhance your space by making ceilings seem higher, windows seem larger, and the space look finished and tailored in a sophisticated way. Whether you're staging your home or designing it for yourself, when installed correctly, curtains can really make your space sing!

I am sharing my 3 biggest tips for hanging drapery correctly in your home to make your space look its absolute best!

Tip #1: Rod Placement Makes a Big Difference

I always advocate for the curtain rod to be hung as high as possible, or within about 2-3" of the actual ceiling. The window treatment fabric should then be tailored to skim the floor. Like wearing a floor-length evening gown vs. an above-the-knee length dress, the look is elongated and streamlined. This way, your window treatments will draw the eye upward, making the walls seem taller.

Tip #2: Install Brackets to Enhance Light

I recommend mounting the brackets several inches away from the side of the window so that the curtain fabric will not block the light on either side. This way, you are allowing for the maximum amount of window glass to be visible, rather than hiding the window. Not only will this placement make the window seem larger, but it will also allow the maximum amount of natural light to flow into the room.

Tip #3: Curtain Length Should be Precise

I always recommend that the curtains should just barely skim the floor. This means they should be hemmed with approximately 1/2" of space between the fabric and the finished floor. If the curtains are longer than this, the fabric will awkwardly pool on the floor, also making them difficult to keep clean. If they are too short, they will look awkward in a different way, like wearing flood pants!

When it comes time for you to hang window treatments in your home, please do not underestimate these tips! This advice will go a long way towards creating a tailored and effortlessly elegant look for your home, and also enhance an overall relaxing vibe.

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