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Holiday Tips for a Clutter-Free Home that Feels Warm & Inviting

I just love this time of year and the holidays, and honestly, the biggest reason is…Christmas decorations.

I like my Christmas decor to be tasteful and elegant. I enjoy curating a collection of holiday decor that feels thoughtful and elevated, rather than a collection of random tchotchkes collected over the years, stashed into every nook and cranny of my home. That, my friends, is called clutter.

Now, granted, I believe everybody has to find their own style of holiday decorating, and this can and should evolve over the years. Otherwise, you will fall into the category of random tchotchkes and clutter everywhere. And if that’s just your approach, that’s fine- there is a definite charm to this style in my opinion! It’s just not my personal aesthetic style.

Eliminating Christmas Clutter

Yes, the holidays are sentimental and full of memories. For example, in my own experience, by the time I graduated high school and was leaving for college, I already had amassed 7 storage bins of holiday decorations. Seven! And I didn’t even have a house yet! Can you imagine?

Truth be told, I had actually been decorating my childhood bedroom for Christmas since I was in 3rd grade. And I loved it! I had a small tree, ornaments, lights, and I really loved to create holiday vignettes with my “Santa Bear” stuffed animals. By admission, both of my stylish and loving grandmothers, my mother, and aunt also loved decorating for Christmas.

I also come from a very “gifty” family-- our love language is definitely gifting: the more thoughtful and personal, the better. As you can imagine, each of my loved ones has gifted holiday décor, as well. My dad is a big Disney fan, and he even subscribed me to a Disney Ornament of The Month Club for a few years when I was in elementary school!

As you can see, I started life with bins and bins of Christmas decor. Now, I realize, this is definitely not the worst thing in the world, but I feel like I have been battling the Christmas clutter my entire life! Over the years, I have had to let some things go. I do still hold on to most ornaments-- I figure that they are small enough to stash away, and they can be so sentimental and special.

The decor you choose to put up in your home does not need to include every holiday item you have ever owned. I really believe it is okay to purge sometimes to make space for the decor style you really love. It’s okay. Go ahead. Let it go. Take a photo if you must… donate it. I give you permission-- it is a liberating feeling (trust me)!