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How Interior Designers Use Color and Patterns in Their Own Homes

Using color and patterns in your home can dramatically transform a space. Color can create a specific mood or feeling, while patterns grab your attention and guide your eyes around the room. In addition, color and patterns make any space feel more put-together and sophisticated!

I'm going to share with you 3 reasons why industry professionals use color and patterns in their own homes!

1. Color Adds Emotion, Creativity & Energy to Your Space

Color is essential in interior design as it helps us connect with specific emotions. Have you heard of color psychology? It’s about choosing particular colors because of the atmosphere and mood they help to create within a space. Researching color psychology is crucial in creating a space that brings emotion into the home.

For example, do you want to encourage creativity, energy, and conversation? Use bright color tones, particularly shades of yellow, orange, and green. In contrast, you can use softer and light shades of blue when creating more tranquil spaces.

2. Patterns Bring Personality to Your Home

Patterns, on the other hand, can instantly transform a space! They add quick pops of color and visually stimulating patterns to guide the eye around the room. Interior designers love to use patterns for the interest they bring to an interior and the personality they inject too.

Similar to adding color to your home, the pattern choices are endless! Be eclectic with animal prints, fun and energetic with large geometric patterns, and soft with small and subdued patterns.

3. They Blend Styles Seamlessly & Bring Balance to Your Space

Color and pattern work harmoniously together to create a well-balanced home. When your spaces at home feel calm, you will too.

In a recent project, I used a soft color palette paired with muted patterns in similar colors and varied textures to create a tranquil home. The whole scheme created a relaxing and peaceful home that my client desperately needed in contrast to their busy career.

While I don't talk about specific colors or patterns initially with my clients, I ask questions to understand your goals and needs better. For example, do you need it to feel more upbeat and uplifting? Or more relaxed? The answers to these questions help me to design the space with the end goal and desired emotions and feelings in mind.

Is there a color or pattern that inspires you? Reach out, and let's see how we can help you use them in your home!



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