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Kitchen Island Features toRevolutionize Your Day-to-Day Life

Kitchen islands are featured in almost every home these days! They can revolutionize cooking and entertaining. Kitchen islands are also well known for providing additional storage. Whether it's hidden cabinets on the seating side or keeping the trash and dishwasher together, the kitchen island is a great place for adding extra storage. Additionally, kitchen islands make socializing easy, opening up the entire kitchen to make it feel more together and communal for guests.

Keep reading to discover the 3 kitchen island features that will change your daily life!

1. An Ideal Space for Sensible Seating

Firstly, kitchen islands provide substantial space for eating and socializing. Many of my clients' goal with a kitchen island is to create a more open feel in the kitchen while providing more seating. Whether you regularly entertain and could do with the extra seats for guests or would like an informal area to enjoy breakfast daily, a kitchen island is an ideal solution.

2. Accessible Drawers Instead of Dated Doors

A personal favorite of mine is using deep drawers instead of doors for the kitchen island. Drawers are more accessible than regular cabinets with doors because you can see everything stored in them from a bird's eye view. Cabinets with doors can lead to forgotten food or dishes being too high or low, not to mention at the back of cabinets!

Drawers are a great solution in any kitchen, especially a kitchen island because they make all sorts of items more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. If you're looking for more ways to increase your kitchen storage, check out this post!

3. Enough Energy for the Endless Electronics

Do you constantly need more phone charge? Or perhaps you have been dreaming of working from your kitchen on an island. Either way, adding outlets to your kitchen island can completely revolutionize how you use the space daily.

I suggest integrating USB and standard electrical outlets into your kitchen island for various charging. There are many ways of integrating outlets into the island, through pop-up towers, under counter outlets, or within drawers—research which type of outlet would benefit you and your family most.

Aside from the 3 kitchen island features shared in this blog post, additional features include pull-out trash cans hidden within cabinets, a separate prep sink, and extra drinks storage with a beverage fridge! Above all, remember to design your kitchen around how you cook and want to use the space. Sometimes this can be difficult to do ourselves, but with a designer, you can leave the details to them!

If you're ready to design your most luxurious kitchen (with an island, of course), reach out to us. We can't wait to hear about your project.



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