Designed to SELL Homes is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible selling price for your home. Home Staging is a wise investment in a competitive market. It will increase your odds of a fast and profitable sale. In addition... the cost to stage your home is actually a tax write off; it's considered a home improvement.


Your home is your biggest financial investment. The question is, why wouldn't you utilize the benefits of professional home staging?  


We offer different levels of Home Staging, depending on your needs. With our detailed Home Staging Action Plan, which is provided after your In-Home Consultation, you can complete the staging yourself. Or, if you prefer, we offer a Turn Key Home Staging Service. 


for  H O M E  O W N E R S:

We work directly with home owners, and take the time to explain the steps and process of home staging. Staging a vacant or occupied home with furniture, window coverings, accessories and bedding will make the space warm and inviting. We also offer redesign tips such as neutrality suggestions and explaining how to depersonalize the space. 


I N - H O M E   C O N S U L T A T I O N

Get Your Home Market Ready... what you get: 

  • Home staging expert advice

  • Practical checklists... a comprehensive to-do list to get your home market ready

  • Home Staging Action Plan 

  • Estimate for Services

T U R N  K E Y  H O M E  S T A G I N G 

An estimate for Turn Key Home Staging Services will be provided after the initial In-Home Consultation... what you get:

  • This service is utilized by busy professionals who don't have time to spare.

  • DTSH will coordinate the sourcing of accessories and furniture.

  • DTSH will recommend and coordinate hiring of professional trades as needed.

  • DTSH will stage your home for you; you'll have peace of mind and can focus on other things.

for  B U I L D E R S  |  D E V E L O P E R S

We also offer professional support to Builders | Contractors | Developers to recommend the best finishes, fixtures and cohesive color scheme for your property. Our interior designer has extensive design training and experience specifying both exterior building materials and interior finishes.​

Designed to SELL Homes hopes to hear from you soon! Call us at (412) 418 - 6993, we will get back to you within a day!





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